Latex vs Memory Foam Mattress, Which one Is Best?

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Over the past, latex and memory foam mattresses have emerged as some of the best mattresses in the market. However, there is no doubting that these two mattresses are not equal in quality and this leads to the question, latex mattress vs memory foam, which is the best? A few factors need to be considered to answer this question not ignoring the fact that the two have some major pros and cons that you cannot ignore.

latex vs memory-foam

In choosing between these two mattresses, you will need to look at what each of them has to offer you during your sleep. There are some major health factors to consider when looking at latex vs memory foam mattress not to mention that there are also some environment that should come to play during your decision making process.

Below are some of the factors and differences that will help you make the right decision:

1. Temperature Concerns

Based on various reviews memory foam mattress owners are likely to experience some heat related discomforts as compared to latex mattress owners. However, this is not an extreme issue that should make you worried. Nevertheless, it is important to point out that during the cold seasons, memory foam mattresses have always been considered the best as far as this factor is concerned. The heat issue is on a very small scale during the warm months and therefore should not concern you much.

2. Relaxed and Comfortable Sleep Experience

As far as comfort and conformity are concerned, memory foam has a lot of advantages to offer when compared to latex mattresses. The material used to manufacture memory mattresses is such that the mattress is able to conform to the body shape and the weight is perfectly distributed thus guaranteeing comfortable and relaxed sleep at night.

3. Motion Disturbance

Motion disturbance is another major factor to consider when looking at latex mattress vs memory foam. Despite the fact that the two types of mattresses are good in motion isolation, memory foam mattresses offer superior motion transfer diminishing qualities which you will find suitable especially if sharing your bed with someone else.

4. Excellent Sinking Feeling

In comparison, memory foams have a superior sinking sensation than their latex counterparts. This feeling helps enhance comfort while at the same time providing a superior atmosphere for relaxation. Many memory foam mattress owners have reported enjoying this great quality as compared to latex owners.

5. Durability

As far as durability is concerned, these two mattresses are good and superior to innerspring counterparts. Latex are however thought to last a little bit longer but this is dependent on a number of factors. The care and maintenance given to both latex and memory foam mattresses will determine their durability.

6. Natural Experience

The make up of a mattress determines a number of issues during the usage and this includes odour and other chemical reactions. Latex mattresses offer greater guarantee when it comes to the natural aspects as compared to memory foam mattresses. Memory foam is known for off-gassing or odour and if this is an issue for you and would still like to buy this brand, go for a plant-based memory foam mattress. If eco-friendliness of a mattress is a concern to you and have to choose between latex vs memory foam mattresses, then you might find latex to be more eco-friendly.

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