LUCID 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

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An Innovative memory Foam Mattress With 25-Year Warranty

The best memory foam mattress is one that gives you utmost comfort in your sleeping hours. With a Lucid 10″ memory foam mattress, you can feel the comfort of luxurious foam in your room. The best part of this mattress is that you will not feel any disturbance or irritation while having rest on it. It provides extreme relief to your spine that is needed for having complete rest. Moreover, you can easily sit on it and can have fun with your children for hours. The foam used is of premium quality with 25 year warranty. Therefore, you do not have to worry about its foam.

lucid 10 inch mattress

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The Lucid 10″ memory foam mattress is the best choice for you, if you want long-lasting mattress foam without any foam issues. What is more, with comfortable foam and having a warranty period of 25 years, you do not have to worry about the quality of the foam.

The product contains the following features:

  • 10″ thick with 2.5″ memory foam comfort layer
  • 7.5″ polyurethane foam base
  • Open cell technology allows air flow, keeping the mattress cool and comfortable
  • Soft, doughy consistency quickly conforms to weight and pressure
  • Conveniently shipped to create a portable mattress for easy set up
  • Foam is CertiPUR-US® certified; 25-year warranty

Features and Benefits

The Lucid 10″ memory foam mattress contains a lot of features and benefits. As far as the benefits are concerned, this memory foam mattress very reasonable with its 2.5″ thick memory foam comfort layer. In addition, it also consists of a 7.5″ polyurethane foam base. Following are some of the convenient features and benefits of this product:

1. Imported Memory Foam Mattress
The very first feature of this mattress is its imported shipping. This has been designed to keep international mattress standards in mind. Therefore, you would be purchasing an international standard mattress with utmost comfort.


2. 10″ Thick With 2.5″ Memory Foam Comfort Layer
The memory foam mattress provides you extreme comfort with its 2.5″ memory foam comfort layer. This layer is tremendously significant for leveling your spine. Leveling your spine on any foam mattress is very important; otherwise, it will start hurting your back.

3. 7.5″ Polyurethane Foam Base
This feature is unique and most of the international brands lack this feature. It is true that soft upper layer provides comfort to your back. On the other hand, a soft 7.5″ polyurethane foam base is pretty much necessary to provide softness to entire foam above it.


4.  Open Cell Technology Allows Air Flow:
Most of the memory foam mattresses come with saturated cell structure and just offer you to rest on it. On the other hand, lucid 10″ memory foam mattress comes with open cell technology that allows airflow. This keeps the mattress cool and comfortable, especially in the summer season.

5. Soft, Doughy Consistency Quickly Conforms to Weight and Pressure
The material and the foam together give softness and doughy consistency. These features quickly conform to the weight and pressure, making the foam soft and comfortable for you.

Where To Purchase

The Lucid 10″ memory foam mattress is available from Amazon with a 64% special discount. The device is also free for shipping to specific countries. You can find more information here.

  • Rating: This device has been rated at 4.10 out of 5.00
  • Customers Reviews: 1472 customers have reviewed this device yet.


Concisely, this memory foam mattress is perfect for everyone. If you have children in your home, you should go for this mattress. With too many features, this mattress will not only provide you comfort and ease, but will also make your sleeping hours more reliable and soothing. With soft base foam, doughy consistency, and perfect reliability, this mattress will give you perfect smoothness like never before.

Moreover, with a CertiPUR-US® certified, and 25-year warranty, this memory foam mattress would be your best choice, while purchasing your preferred foam mattress.If you want to buy it immediately Click here to buy it now!

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