What Is a Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

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A memory foam mattress topper is a piece of memory foam that can vary in size and thickness based on the consumer’s preferences, as well as the size of their mattress.

When they are choosing best memory foam mattress topper, it is important to make sure to get one that has the same dimensions as the mattress.

For example, buyers need to make sure they are choosing a queen-sized topper for a queen mattress. The thickness of the foam varies between two and four inches. They also have different densities. The higher the density the more resistance the topper will offer.

Many different brands are making memory foam mattress toppers today, and the quality can certainly vary. The mattress toppers range in size. They are available in twin, full, and queen, king, and California king. They also have different densities and firmness.

The firmness number describes how hard or soft the foam will feel. Many people prefer a firmness of around 12, as it is the middle of the road – not too hard and not too soft.

Numbers between 15 and 20 indicate the mattress topper is harder, while numbers below ten indicate that it is softer.

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