Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress: What Is the Best Choice?

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Purchasing a new mattress can be a tricky undertaking. Usually, a consumer is looking at a mattress within a specific price range. Care must be taken to find a mattress at a furniture store, which is typically higher quality but also comes with a significantly bigger price tag.

For those who do not have that option, outlet stores are a better destination for purchase. This may meet the price tag expectations but still leave the consumer unsure of the right choice in terms of memory foam vs spring mattress.
memory foam vs spring mattress
There are benefits to the older, more established lines of spring mattresses. However, memory foam has made significant in-roads into competition with the benefits offered by the newer material and comfort level offered.

When choosing memory foam vs spring mattress, the consumer has more to look at than price. Typically there are options for both types of mattresses available in any price range. Instead, the consumer can consider the following:

  • various levels of firmness available
  • durability
  • prevention of future body pain thanks to proper support during sleep
  • environmental impact
  • cost

Levels of Firmness

The newer technology available with memory foam means those looking for a specific level of support are more likely to find it. In comparison, coil springs in the spring mattress do not provide nearly as much support or as many different levels of support.

Memory foam vs spring mattress: Memory foam wins.


Spring mattresses tend to start showing wear within the first year to two years of use. Despite the fact they do not take any time to decompress after delivery and are ready for use immediately, spring mattresses also show the wear and tear of being used in a certain way night after night.

For those who have a routine and sleep in the same spot every night, the wear on the mattress will be apparent within that first one to two years.

Memory foam, meanwhile, has a great response time and tends to recover each day from the pattern of the sleeper from the night before.

Memory foam mattress vs spring: Memory foam wins.

Body Pain Issues

Coil spring mattresses have actually been found to contribute to issues with neck or back pain specifically. This occurs more as the coil mattress begins to break down the longer you have it.

This means either spending more money to replace the coil spring mattress sooner or simply investing in the memory foam mattress to have the mattress last longer and provide better support and alleviate pain or prevent issues from developing.

Memory foam vs spring mattress: Memory foam wins.

Environmental Impact

Memory foam mattresses are made with newer technology and materials so they are more environmentally friendly. They also last longer, creating less refuse to be taken care of because you can use the same mattress for years longer than a comparable spring mattress.


Spring mattresses are cheaper. They are a more established market staple and are cheaper to manufacture. However, in the long term, you have to buy a newer mattress sooner. So it is a controversy as to which is cheaper over the average lifespan of an individual.

Memory foam mattress vs spring: Spring mattress wins.

The memory foam vs spring mattress consideration is something that tends to be a personal preference matter for the consumer.

However, the fact that memory foam is more expensive and a newer technology can be a turnoff to some consumers and a matter of appeal to others.

The fact that coil spring mattresses have a well-established market and provide better ventilation because the body heat of the sleeper is not a factor in the mattress conforming to the sleeper’s position.

For those who suffer from pain and/or have worries about developing back and neck pain, the better choice is always the memory foam mattress because it offers better support for a longer period of time and it also works to support the body in a natural way that conforms to the sleeper’s body positioning.

A final consideration for the memory foam vs spring mattress debate is the age of the consumer.

If it involves a child, the purchase of a memory foam mattress is a wise choice because it conforms to the body and gives the growing and changing body of a developing individual better support and comfort.

Choosing a new mattress can be a matter of research, sale watching and personal preference. However, the above list is a number of considerations that can make a difference to the consumer if they have a concern about the longevity of their mattress or other factors that affect long-term comfort.

You can discuss specific considerations with the salesman at the time of purchase or can do further research into those specific aspects prior to making a commitment.

You can read unbiased memory foam mattress reviews if you are now considering for a new memory foam mattress.

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