Sleep Better Mattress Topper: 3 Inch Memory Foam Topper Reviewed

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sleep better mattress topperThe 3 Inch Sleep Better mattress topper is a low-cost visco elastic memory foam that reduces pressure points by conforming to the contours of the body. This results to a more comfortable and restful sleep. Because the pad has a customized fit, it distributes weight evenly and allow for better blood flow.

It is made of hypo-allergenic materials so people with sensitivities can definitely benefit from this. Another advantage of this visco elastic memory foam is its ability to properly regulate temperature. It has a density of 2 2/1 pounds per cubit foot, just enough to instantly make your firm mattress soft and more comfortable.

In able for me to provide an impartial review of this three inch sleep better mattress topper , I did a research about its advantages as well as the negative points brought up by real users. Hopefully, my research findings can help you decide whether this visco elastic memory foam will suit your needs or not.

Innovative Visco Elastic Memory Foam

Compared to conventional foam mattress toppers that spring back immediately once pressure is removed, the Sleep Better Memory Foam Mattress Topper reverts to its original form slowly. What’s unique about this mattress topper is that it molds to your body’s curves in response to heat and pressure. It is designed to decrease pressure and impact by providing greater support to areas where you need it the most.

This mattress topper reduces the need to toss and turn while finding the most comfortable position. It is highly recommended for people with chronic back, neck and hip pain and those who are suffering from joint inflammation and rheumatic conditions.

Temperature Smart and Hypoallergenic Material

This Visco Memory Foam from Sleep Better is a breathable open cell foam that efficiently disperses body heat. As a result, you stay cool and comfortable while sleeping. And since it promotes greater air circulation, heat and moisture will not be trapped.

The hypoallergenic component of this foam is great for people with sensitivities or allergies. This mattress topper is definitely not an environment where dust mites and bed bugs can thrive. Aside from those with allergies, elderly people and anyone on bed rest will also benefit from this hypoallergenic pad.

Features and Specification of 3 Inch Sleep Better Mattress Topper

  • The Sleep Better 3″ Visco Elastic Memory foam topper reacts to body heat and pressure. It conforms to the curves of your body as well as your weight to provide you with the best possible support
  • The Smart-Temperature feature effectively dissipates heat, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable the whole time you are in bed
  • The 2 1/2 pounds per cubic foot density provides better support and alignment where your body needs it
  • It is made of hypoallergenic materials. This mattress topper is perfect for allergy sufferers
  • It comes in 4 sizes: Queen, King, California King and Twin XL
  • It manufactured in the USA and has a warranty of 5 years

Customer Reviews and Scores of 3″ Sleep Better Mattress Topper

As of this writing, the Visco Memory Foam has received 380 plus customer reviews so far. Most of the Sleep Better Memory Foam Mattress Topper reviews are favorable.

However, I’d still like to include what some people did not particularly like about the product. These negative points may be significant for you. Reading both the unfavorable and favorable feedbacks will help you decide if this mattress topper is worth purchasing or not.

A number of reviewers were bothered with the foam’s chemical smell and said

“Five stars for comfort and support. 1 star for initial chemical smell,We like the mattress topper, however after several weeks it still has a bad chemical smell” and “I have had the mattress topper for about a month. It is very comfortable but the smell has not decreased and I have been waking up almost every morning with a sinus headache”. If you can’t deal with the smell, I’m afraid that this is not the right choice for you.”

Other users on the other hand do not seem to be fazed with the smell. Most of them are pleased with the mattress topper and said

It is very soft and adds the right amount of support for my aching back, Absolutely a MUST-HAVE if you cannot afford a memory foam mattress and We have had it for about a month now and our sleep has been better.


Overall, the Sleep Better 3 Inch memory foam mattress topper is a great mattress topper that provides support through even weight distribution. Since it reduces pressure points, you do not have to keep tossing and turning just to find a more comfortable position. Majority of the reviewers are very happy with their purchase and they recommend this product to others.

If this 3 inch Sleep Better mattress topper is not perfect for you than below are alternate toppers for you:

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